Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Accidental experience ...

Witnessed a small accident today … and got intrigued by 2 separate experiences of human psyche !

I was in a cab at Marine Drive, going towards Nariman Point around noon today … when a Skoda comes in from behind at full speed, cutting lanes abruptly etc and bangs into a taxi in front of us which had gently stopped at the red light. Skoda couldn't brake in time and tried to avert the collision by taking another abrupt left, but still couldn't avoid it.

Good thing - No casualties at all. Taxi’s tail light broken, and some dent in the back (thankfully due to those strong steel bumpers in the Fiat Taxis). Skoda’s body heavily dented but obviously the driver seemed to be unmindful or bothered about it.
Now, there was no mistake whatsoever of that taxi driver, but the Skoda driver gets out and starts abusing the taxi driver cussing and accusing him of applying sudden brakes etc.

1. That taxi driver seemed to be a calm person. He showed no signs of panic or retaliation to the Skoda driver. Got down, observed his damage, gave a huge smile to the Skoda drivers rant and got into his taxi and drove off.

2. The driver of my taxi, an aged man, spoke his words of wisdom when I showed my anger towards the Skoda guy. He says “Saahab jaane do, aisa hi hota hai, kuch faayda nahi hai kuch bolke, garib taxi waalon ka hi kasoor nikalta hai …” “Par yeh saale logon ko saza milega, aise hi marenge ek din accident mein …” When I said what about the damage, he said “kuch nahi saahab, aap logo ki foreign gaadiyon mein kharche hote hai bade bade … hamari fiat taxi mein mast hathoda maarke body theek ho jaayegi aur  light 100 rupaiye mein mil jaayegi chor bazaar se :)”

Two things that struck and intrigued me in this 2-3 minute experience were that victim taxi driver’s huge smile and no signs of any retaliation (which is rare in this stress laden city of Mumbai) and my taxi drivers kind of a curse (bad-dua) for that Skoda driver (probably which came from his personal experiences of helplessness against such people).

Yea and also that chor bazaar mein 100 rupaiye mein headlights mil jaati hai :)

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